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Ear Worm Music


5:00pm, Wed 22 January, 2020
Albert Hotel Tamworth, NSW

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Judah is only playing 1 show in Tamworth and this is it! Good band, Good Vibe and a Real Good Time!

Emerging from the nationwide success of winning the 2017 series of The Voice and the release of his debut album Count On Me, Judah Kelly had a realisation that his next step would be a crucial one. Freed of the bright lights and intense scrutiny, Judah knew that his second album was a chance to establish an even stronger musical identity for himself and lay the groundwork for a career playing the music he loves. On Real Good Time he’s comprehensively achieved that goal.

“Apparently I was trying to sing before I could even talk and so there was never any doubt that it was going to be anything else other than music.”

Music has always been part of Judah’s life, from performing in front of family in a New Zealand church at the age of four to three stints at Tamworth's Academy of Country Music and a number of years spent working for others as a live and studio guitarist and bass player. The support of his family through all of those experiences has allowed Judah to follow his passion and achieve success as a musician and singer. “There was always full support from them to follow the music. Even just after high school when I was doing the broke muso thing, my parents never put the pressure on me to do something else and get a ‘real’ job.”

“For me, the main attraction of country music is its authenticity. It’s important to me that everything we recorded was played by a human being.”

Judah’s extraordinary ability as a singer and interpreter of songs is what captured the ears of the judges on The Voice and the support and adulation of the audiences that tuned in and followed his journey through the competition. As his debut showed, his heart lies in the rich blend of country and soul music that he combines so seamlessly. “I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and The Temptations,” reveals Judah. “Then, when I was 12, I went to my first country music festival and I actually hated it but I met a lady who introduced me to the music of Vince Gill and I thought that if that’s country, I can do country music. From there it just grew into what I do now.”

Judah has been to the Tamworth Country Music Festival every year since 2011 and he'll be back again in 2020!

Bringing a band with him, once again he'll be rocking out with his guitar out at the Albert Hotel.

You can count on him to bring you a real good time so grab your tickets and come join us!