#KEEPYOURDIS-DANCE: New Aussie And Kiwi Releases To Listen To This Week

Written by Jay-Dee Pitcaithly on 7th December, 2020
#KEEPYOURDIS-DANCE: New Aussie And Kiwi Releases To Listen To This Week

As the music industry faces the very real effects of the ever-evolving global health crisis, there has never been a better time to support the local music scene.

We've curated our very own playlist (#keepyourdis-dance) to share new music releases from local Aussie and Kiwi acts so that you can help support them through this tough time. Check out some of our favourites new releases below.

New this week:

MARSHES - Beaches

At the end of 2019, we were blessed with the beautiful talent of Sydney musician MARSHES. Since her solo debut, the electro-pop powerhouse has continued to kick goals, releasing her third single of the year titled 'Beaches'. The track is a blissful blend of euphoric electronic beats and infectious vocals. 

Dive into MARSHES new track HERE.

Akurei - CLOVER

Brisbane artist Akurei has been absolutely hustling the heck out of 2020, releasing not one but three EPs across the year. His latest release titled 'CLOVER' focuses on the theme of social anxiety, a concept I'm sure a lot of us can relate to, especially after lockdowns ended. If you're a fan of dreamy low-fi guitar and beautifully mellow vocals, we seriously recommend giving the EP a listen.

Get stuck into 'CLOVER' HERE.

Nouri - Yalla Yalla

Rising Kurdish-Kiwi pop songstress Nouri has been bringing home the goods since her debut in 2018. On Friday the singer-songwriter dropped her latest single titled 'Yalla Yalla' and it's all we hoped and dreamed for! A delectable mix of pop and RnB influences, a guaranteed party starter. 

Listen to Nouri's new track HERE.

George Alice - Teenager

We're huge fans of South Australian singer-songwriter George Alice and her latest single 'Teenager' makes our appreciation for her music grow stronger. The indie-pop infused track features some incredibly raw and powerful lyrics, exploring societal pressures and following one's own path. 

Dive into the new single HERE.

Other noteworthy releases:

Liyah Knight - Nesting

Sydney has a new rising star and her name is Liyah Knight. She just dropped her debut EP last week titled 'Nesting' and we're absolutely loving the vibe of her tunes. Her sound is a goldmine of rich RnB instrumentals and chilled-out raspy vocals. A match made in heaven in our opinion!

Listen to Liyah's debut EP HERE.

Villette - Angle

If you haven't given NZ angel Villette's music a listen, do yourself a favour and hit play on her latest single 'Angle'. Over the last few years, Villette has been creating some pretty dope R&B/Neo-soul tracks and her new track is no exception. It's packed full of smooth buttery vocals and don't fuck with me attitude.

Listen to Villette's new track HERE.

O & The Mo - In Transit

NZ based indie two-piece O & The Mo are our new faves for the year. They dropped their first two singles last year and this year have delivered their debut album titled 'In Transit'. The album is an entanglement of light-hearted playfulness and nostalgia, featuring coastal reverb-drenched guitar lines and magical floating vocals. 

Listen to the duo's debut album HERE.

Sam Fischer - For Now

If Aussie pop singer-songwriter Sam Fischer's latest track 'For Now' doesn't make you wanna burst out in tears, I'm not sure what will. It's unapologetically emotional and heartfelt, pulling at your heartstrings from the first guitar strum.

If you're a sucker for a good love song, go give Fischer's new track a listen HERE.

Jeida Woods - HIVE

Sydney muso Jeida Woods continues to flip the script on Australia's R&B scene with his first official EP titled 'HIVE'. The EP features some seriously firey tracks infused with percussive trap beats and slick dark vocals. 

Listen to Jeida's EP HERE.

Babe Rainbow - Zeitgeist

Psych-pop outfit Babe Rainbow are back with one of our favourite sun-drenched singles yet! The new single titled 'Zeitgeist' is a treasure trove of good vibes, pulling you in with their iconic chilled-out vocals and magnetic afro-beat inspired accompaniment. the soft spring winds have blown and it's time to let the note that is Babe Rainbow's Zeitgeist fly.

Listen to the new single HERE.

God I'm Such A Mess - Cry Club

Melbourne duo Cry Club dropped their debut album 'God I'm Such A Mess' just over a week ago and we're absolutely obsessed. Throughout its 12 tracks, the duo take you on an emotional whirlwind of a journey of guitar-led bops that dive into everything from relationships to self-empowerment, to mental health. 

Listen to their debut album HERE.

KIAN - Sunbeam

Rising star KIAN has just released his second single of the year titled 'Sunbeam'. The track features KIAN's soothing soulful vocals alongside groove-driven synth and guitar lines. The perfect song to soundtrack your summer with!

Listen to KIAN's new single HERE.

Stevie Jean - Graduation

It's been a busy year for Darwin-based singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, releasing her third track for the year titled 'Graduation'. The track is a no-holds-barred kinda track, reflecting upon Stevie's high school experience. It features a seamless blend of gritty guitar lines and incredible vocals, providing a euphoric delight for your earholes. 

Listen to Graduation HERE.

Kymie ft. Kwame - Name

Western Sydney's Kymie returned last week with a killer new single titled 'Name'. The track, produced by fellow Sydney-sider Kwame, combines Kymie's smooth and oh so seductive RnB sound with Kwame's signature vocals. A match made in heaven!

Listen to Kymie's new track HERE.

Tones and I - Fly Away

Our fave pop-powerhouse has done it again, dishing out yet another absolute killer new single titled 'Fly Away'. The song itself is about chasing your dreams and reaching your goals, a true testament to 2020 and keeping the dream alive. 

Listen to 'Fly Away' HERE.

Kinder ft. A.Girl - Come Along

2020 has been a productive year for sibling duo Kinder, returning with their first track since early 2019 titled 'Come Along'. Teaming up with Western Sydney muso, A.Girl, the single is a fast-paced kaleidoscope of eclectic rhythm. The perfect party starter in our opinion!

Listen to 'Come Along' HERE.

The Chats - AC/DC CD

Following an epic album release earlier this year, our fave smoko-loving bandits The Chats have released a brand new single titled 'AC/DC CD'. A tribute to Aussie rock legends Acca Dacca, the track is full to the brim with all the typical witty banter and loud raw pub rock sound. 

Listen to 'AC/DC CD' HERE. You can also catch the dynamic trio live at the Roundhouse in Sydney on Friday 7 May 2021. Secure your tickets HERE.

George Maple - Fade

Get a load of iconic Aussie pop artist George Maple's latest single 'Fade'. It's the first single to be released from her forthcoming album 'Myth', due out this December. Maple effortlessly melds infectious synth-driven beats with her signature moody vocals to create one heck of a track.

Listen to 'Fade' HERE

Slum Sociable - You're In My Head

We're all about the new groove of a track by Melbourne duo Slum Sociable 'You're In My Head'. It's the second release from the duo this year and features a cheeky appearance from local songwriter KYE. A fair warning to y'all, this track might just get stuck in your head ;) pun intended.

Listen to 'You're In My Head', HERE.

Mike Akox - SAA

Australian-based Ghanaian musician Mike Akox continues to push the envelope with his music, putting his own unique flair on traditional RnB sounds. In Mike's latest release titled 'SAA', we hear a seamless mix of afro-inspired beats, chiming guitar lines and dancehall flavoured vocals. 

Listen to Mike Akox new single HERE.

EGOISM - On Our Minds

Sydney duo EGOISM brings a certain youthful vibrance to the stage that is extremely enviable. Over the past 12 months, the duo has basked in the limelight, releasing their second EP titled 'On Our Minds', which we reckon is pretty special! The release brings the romanticism of dream-pop to life, jam-packed with catchy pop hooks and strumming guitar lines. 

Listen to EGOISM's new EP HERE. You can also catch the duo live on their EP launch at Sydney's The Lansdowne Hotel and Wollongong's Dicey Riley's this November/December. More info and tickets HERE.

Emalia - IOU ft. Guapdad 4000

Sydney-based R&B artist Emalia knows how to hustle! Last week Emalia shared her fourth original single of the year titled 'IOU' which features US rapper Gupadad 4000. Produced by Andie Hopkins and ARIA award winner One Above, the track is an absolute tune and has super pumped for the release of her debut EP, due out in 2021. 

Listen to IOU HERE.

The Avalanches - Interstellar Love

Aussie electronic duo The Avalanches have just dropped a brand new track titled 'Interstellar Love' and we can't get enough! Teaming up with American soul singer Leon Bridges, the track is a melting pot of incredible sun-drenched vocals and euphoric synth sounds. A match made in heaven.

Listen to 'Interstellar Love' ft. Leon Bridges HERE

Budjerah - Missing You

18-year-old singer-songwriter Budjerah has a bright future ahead of him after exploding onto the scene with his first-ever single 'Missing You'. The track organically fuses powerful soulful vocals together with sensual melodic beats.

Listen to 'Missing You' HERE.

Jesswar - Venom

All hail queen Jesswar! We are not worthy. The Brisbane-based Fijian rapper has made a triumphant return with a brand new singled titled 'Venom'. The track fights back against stereotypes of cultural assimilation, rejecting tokenistic, "trickle-down" diversity in the Australian music industry. 

Listen to 'Venom' HERE.

SWIDT ft. B Wise & Mickey Dam - Wonders

We love a good cross-Tasman collaboration especially when it's one between Kiwi standout's SWIDT and South-West Sydney's own B Wise and Mickey Dam. The new track titled 'Wonders' brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the rap scene, dishing out a unique take on a rap ballad. 

Listen to 'Wonders' HERE.

Ex-Olympian - Afterlife

Melbourne groover Ex-Olympian has taken the first leap into solo-musician-hood with his debut album 'Afterlife'. The album features a fantastical blend of groove-laden harmonies, rich funky bass and drums. 

Listen to 'Afterlife' HERE.

Tyne-James Organ - Not Ready For Love

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ is the friend you can't live without. His recent release 'Not Ready For Love' seamlessly intertwines high-energy guitar strumming with relaxed sundrenched vocals. It's the kind of track you could see yourself playing on a road trip with the windows down and the wind in your hair. 

Listen to Not Ready For Love HERE. Want to hear the track IRL? Organ will be performing at the University of Wollongong Unibar and Sydney's Oxford Art Factory this November. Score tickets HERE.

Lévyne - Misconceptions

Classical pianist turned producer Lévyne is one kiwi act you ought to familiarise yourself with. The rising star recently released a beautiful new single titled 'Misconceptions'. The song is about two sides of a break-up and incorporates percussive drum beats and hypnotic synths. 

Give Lévyne's new single a listen HERE. You can also catch her performing live at NZ's biggest New Year's festival Rhythm & Vines this December. Secure tickets HERE.

Hands Like Houses

Canberra based legends Hands Like Houses have come along way since their emergence in the early 2010's. With four albums and now, three EPs under their belt, there's no surprise their latest release is a bloody ripper one. The self-titled EP unashamedly deep dives into a sea of new-age punk-rock sounds and we're BIG fans!

Listen to Hands Like Houses self-titled EP HERE.

imugi ft. Church & AP - Y U Always Acting Like a Fool?

imugi and Church & AP are two kiwi acts shaking things up in the local scene. Their recent collaboration 'Y U Always Acting Like a Fool?' infuses all the best parts of imugi's unique electro-sythn sounds with Church & AP's high energy lyrical mastery.

Listen to imugi and Church & AP's latest collab HERE.

Sola Rosa - Chasing The Sun

It's been the better half of five years since Kiwi artist Sola Rosa released his last record. Recently, the local legend has come out of the woodwork, dropping a brand new studio album titled 'Chasing The Sun'. Working with the likes of singer-songwriter Josh Barry, neo-soul singer Jerome Thomas, UK reggae star Kiko Bun and Australia's Thandi Phoenix, Rosa's album is just the right vibe we need in our lives right now. Settle in for 51 minutes of pure soulful, funk and trip-hop delightfulness.

Listen to Sola Rosa's new album HERE.

Trials ft. Daniyel - I'm a f**king wreck

One half of Aussie Hip Hop duo A.B. Original, Trials has just dropped his debut solo single titled 'I'm a fucking wreck' and we're big fans. The track features a seamless blend of cross-continental hip-hop and R&B sounds, working alongside US rapper Daniyel to produce a vibrant and unique track. 

Listen to Trials new track HERE.

CXLOE- Heavy Part. 1

Okay, so we might be slightly obsessed with pop-powerhouse CXLOE. Since her entrance into the local pop scene in 2017, the singer-songwriter has continued to climb the ranks and her debut EP 'Heavy Part. 1' is a prime example of just how far CXLOE has come. The EP itself explores the highs and lows of CXLOE's life and features heavily house-influenced breakdowns and dark vocals. 

Listen to CXLOE's debut EP HERE.

Kirklandd - The Love Divide

Our favourite Canberra-based rapper Kirklandd continues to kick goals in 2020, dropping his debut EP 'The Love Divide'. The EP is packed full of eclectic production and heartfelt, down-tempo vocals. 

Listen to Kirklandd's EP HERE.

Kobie Dee - Role Models

Gamilaroi rapper Kobie Dee has been on the rise since he released his debut track 'Right Now' back in 2018. 2020 has been a massive year for the NSW artist with the release of his most powerful track 'Still Standing' as well as 'Same Old Shit' and his new single 'Role Models'. 

Listen to Role Models HERE.

Georgia June - Don't Leave Me Hanging Out To Dry

Sydney based alternative outfit Georgia June is one band we suggest you keep your eyes on very closely. Since breaking into the scene in 2017, the outfit has continued to kick goals and their latest release, titled 'Don't Leave Me Hanging Out To Dry' is a prime example of just how far they've come. 

Listen to Georgia June's new song HERE. You can also catch the outfit on their NSW Tour in Sydney and Woollongong this November. More info and tickets HERE.

Aya Yves - Dear E

Canberra's rising star Aya Yves continues to reach new heights with her latest single release, titled 'Dear E'. It's the third single the singer-songwriter has released under her new moniker and we're absolutely obsessed. The track features Yves' spine-tingling vocals paired with elongated ethereal synth notes. 

Listen to Aya Yves new single HERE.

Messy Mammals - Girl

Melbourne-based outfit Messy Mammals remind us gals, just how special we really are (sorry, not sorry boys) with their latest release titled 'Girl'. Released as part of Melbourne's Colour Club Records inaugural compilation 'VA001', the track gives us the major warm and fuzzy's, cleverly interlacing warm soulful vocals with psychedelic synth notes and funky basslines. 

Give Messy Mammals new track a listen HERE.

G Flip - You & I

In case you haven't noticed, we're big G Flip Fans and we're absolutely loving her new track 'You & I'. The track is a little more down-tempo compared to her other recent releases but it's equally as great!

Listen to 'You & I' HERE.

Kelsy Karter - Missing Person

Our favourite Kiwi pop-rock extraordinaire Kelsy Karter has just dropped one heck of a debut album titled 'Missing Person'. The Album harnesses a whirlwind of emotions, dishing out a truly intimate and rebellious sound.  Each track is full of modern rock melodies that speak of the true struggles and joy of life.

Listen to the entire album HERE.

Genes - Super Single

Townsville's GENES is one rising star you ought to keep your eyes on. Her recent release titled 'Super Single' is everything you've ever wanted in a pop song. Co-written and produced by New Zealand's Rory Noble, the track is carefree and the perfect transition from her other two tracks released earlier in 2020.

Listen to 'Super Single' HERE.

Vacations - Forever in Bloom

It's been two years since this Newcastle indie-pop outfit released their debut album and the wait was definitely worth it! Their sophomore album titled 'Forever in Bloom', highlights the bands uniquely groovy sound, featuring signature jangly guitar riffs and dreamy pop-infused vocals. Our personal fave track off the album is 'Lavender'.

Give the album a listen HERE.

Mallrat - Rockstar

We have a special place in our hearts for Melbourne-based pop powerhouse Mallrat and we're loving every second of her latest single 'Rockstar'. The track makes you want to close your eyes and start swaying. It features a dreamy melting pot of hazy guitar strumming and soothing melodic vocals. 

Listen to Mallrat's new single HERE.

Shannen James - Arrows

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Shannen James has brought a breath of fresh air to the Aussie pop scene with her debut EP 'Arrows'. The EP makes you want to get up and shake the 2020 blues away. James' sun-drenched vocals take centre stage, accompanied by shimmering guitar notes.

Listen to Shannen James new EP 'Arrows' HERE.

Baker Boy ft. Dallas Woods & Sampa The Great - Better Days

Wowee, we're blown away by the latest collab between Baker Boy, Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great. The new track titled 'Better Days' is one rap and groove-filled wonderland that is just what the doctor ordered to get us all through such a grim year.

Get around Baker Boy and Dallas Woods ft. Sampa The Great new track HERE.

CXLOE - Heavy

Sydney's dark pop powerhouse CXLOE is absolutely slaying 2020, releasing her third single of the year titled 'Heavy'. The track is a beautiful blend of murky electronic beats and unwavering vocals.

Listen to CXLOE's new track HERE.

Joji ft. BENEE - Afterthought

Our fave Kiwi pop sensation BENEE has teamed up with Japanese-Australian singer-songwriter and producer Joji to deliver a delicious blend of R&B, trap and pop in the form of their new single 'Afterthought'.

Give the duo's track a listen HERE.

Wax Chattels - Clot

Kiwi three-piece Wax Chattels have just dropped their sophomore album titled 'Clot' and we reckon it's a definite must play this week. Raw grungy vocals, cathartic drumming and guttural guitar sounds entangle the eleven tracks on the album, deep diving into some incredibly heavy themes.

Check out the full album HERE.

Kwame ft. CLYPSO & Phil Fresh - Tommy's In Trouble

Kwame is back with a fresh new collab with Sydney producers CLYPSO and Phil Fresh. The single, titled 'Tommy's In Trouble' is the latest track from Kwame's forthcoming EP, 'Please, Get Home Safe' and speaks of the warped and oppressive nature of society. 

The track features an electric flow between the three artists and varying vocal tones. 

Give Kwame's new single a listen HERE.

Mildlife - Automatic

Melbourne four-piece Mildlife have one again pulled a technicolour rabbit out of their hat with the release of their sophomore album 'Automatic'. The album showcases a revitalised sound drenched in groovy jazz tones, complimenting their debut album 'Phase' perfectly. 

Give Mildlife's new album a listen HERE.

Ninajirachi & Kota Banks - True North

Label mates Ninajirachi and Kota Banks are a force to be reckoned with, joining forces for their new single titled 'True North'. The track seamlessly fuses both artists signature sounds together to cultivate an absolute banger of a track. 

Listen to 'True North' HERE.

Flowerkid - miss andry

If you haven't heard of rising star Flowerkid aka Flynn Sant, then we suggest you get stuck into his latest single 'miss angry'. Stant, injects an incredibly raw and honest sound into the track, combining distorted piano notes with goosebump-inducing vocals. 

Listen to 'miss andry' HERE.

JK-47 - Made For This

We're calling it. JK-47 is going to be the best breakthrough act of 2020. After recently winning the 2020 triple j Unearthed National Indigenous Music Awards competition, the rapper has taken things to the next level, dropping his very first album titled 'Made For This'. The album is an absolute masterpiece, illuminating the very real issues faced by Indigenous people in Australia. We suggest you hit play on the album ASAP.

Listen to 'Made For This' HERE.

Genesis Owusu - I Am

Canberra rapper Genesis Owusu has been bringing some serious heat to 2020 and his latest single titled 'I Am' is no exception. The track itself is jam-packed full of super funky bass lines, upbeat synth licks and laidback vocals. A real track to send off Winter and celebrate the start of spring!

Listen to I Am HERE. You can also catch Owusu performing live at Mary's Underground in Sydney from October 21 - 23. Secure your tickets HERE.

Ball Park Music - Cherub

Our team have a little sweet spot for Brissy five-piece Ball Park Music and rightfully so when they continue to bring the goods to the table. Their most recent track titled 'Cherub' gives us all the feels (we may have wept a little at the end). The track, which features on the band's upcoming sixth album, takes you on an emotional journey full of strumming guitar and sundrenched folk-inspired vocals. A sure-fire contender for #1 track of 2020 in our opinion!

Listen to Ball Park Music's new track HERE.

Sly Withers - Cracks

Perth legends Sly Withers are back with their second track of 2020 titled 'Cracks'. The single holds true to the bands signature pop-punk riffage, bursting at the seams with energy and raw emotion.

Give 'Cracks' a listen HERE. You can also catch Sly Withers on their recently rescheduled 'Explode into view' Tour mid next year. More info and tickets HERE.

Mo'Ju - Put It On Hold

Mo'Ju is back in 2020 with a brand new single 'Put It On Hold'. The track features a perfect melting pot of dreamy pop melody and rich, soulful vocals. A guaranteed dancefloor favourite!

Listen to the track HERE.

FELIVAND - Trajectory

FELIVAND is an alt-pop/neo-soul artist hailing from Brisbane. Her new track 'Trajectory', seamlessly fuses funky AF basslines and dreamy soulful vocals, bringing a refreshing and special sound to the table.

Give the track a listen HERE.

Deryk - One Star

Auckland-based rising star Deryk is one act on our radar. After releasing her debut single 'Call Out' earlier this year, the newcomer has dropped a second single called 'One Star', as well as announcing the forthcoming release of her debut EP 'WOMb' - out October 2. Give her new track a listen HERE.

Teeks - Without You

Kiwi soul singer Teeks is back out of hiding, releasing his first piece of new music in three years. His new single "Without You", is guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The raw emotion in this track is next-level. Listen to the track in full HERE

InDuna - Black Man Running

Break out AfroKiwi hip-hop and dance artist, InDuna, has continued to impress fans, reaching new heights with his latest release "Black Man Running". The track is a pleasant continuation of his distinctly unique sound that is deeply rooted in his South African heritage. Listen to the track HERE.

Jerome Farah - I Can't Breathe

Melbourne songwriter and producer Jerome Farah is one artist you ought to keep on your radar. He's co-written tunes with the likes of Baker Boy, KIAN and Kaiit and last week dropped an absolutely incredible debut solo single 'I Can't Breathe'. The track details Farah's experiences with racism in Australia, navigating culture and identity through a seamless fusion of hip hop, RnB and soul.

Listen to Jerome Farah's new track 'I Can't Breathe' HERE.

Looking for ways to support artists through these tough times? Here are some simple ways you can help!

1. Buy some Australian and New Zealand music and merchandise directly from the artist's website or via Bandcamp.

2. Consider donating your refunds or a portion for cancelled shows to Support Act's The Sound of Silence fundraiser.

3. Spread the word and contact your fave radio station and ask them to play tracks from local acts you'd love to hear over the airwaves.

4. Buy tickets to artists rescheduled shows as soon as they become available.

Keep streaming your fave local acts on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music!